Now that I can jump between distros on the command-line in a breath using Distrobox, it’s amazing to see how fast pacman (Arch) is compared to dnf (Fedora) and apt (Debianish).

Of course, if you’re a human being – not a robot – make sure you alias the most common two commands to something human.

e.g., in Fish shell:

abbr --add --global pacman-install 'sudo pacman -S'
abbr --add --global pacman-search 'pacman -Ss'


(OK, that’s an abbreviation, not an alias, I know. I user abbreviations mostly in fish as I don’t want to forget the original command, I just don’t want to have to remember and/or type it in if it’s counterintuitive and/or not ergonomic.)

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@aral yay is good for you… helps for aur and for regular pkg mgmt

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