This is my last post that will be crossposted from the fediverse to Twitter. There are folks here with legitimate reasons to not want their posts forwarded to that hellhole and I want to be able to boost their thoughts while respecting their wishes and safety.

I was crossposting to raise awareness about the fediverse. Chances are, if you’re not interested yet, you won’t be.

You can keep following me at and learn more about the fediverse at

@aral some bridges allow you to choose to post or not post boosts. I have that disabled on the one I use,

@aral Mixed thoughts on this (though of course, your and others' preferences govern your behaviours).

Less-prevalent platforms syndicating to more-prevelant ones is among the most useful evangelising mechanisms.

I explicitly welcome wider distribution of my own public toots, or content elsewhere.

In particular, it spares me having to participate in objectionable platforms directly --- FB, Twitter, and ilk. I'll admit to occasionally checking to see what, if anything, gets reposted. I seem to have quite a fanbase amongst bots...

@dredmorbius I’d agree with you (see if not for:

- algorithmic timelines (I have 40K+ followers on Twitters… what does that mean? How many people see my tweets? 1? 10? 100? Who the fuck knows. And, lately, who the fuck cares. I know I don’t. )

- some asshole having all your data (including DMs). Especially if that asshole’s name begins with Elon Musk :)

I think the “use against the grain” argument makes sense in the pre-algorithmic timeline stage of a people farmer.

@aral I hear you.

Using Twitter as a broadcast-only bridge from Mastodon / on a POSSE basis would be my approach, if I were to use Twitter.

Though it's worth noting that my approach in reality is to not use Twitter at all, abandoning the audience entirely (save the occasional relay / organic tweet).

Existence of tools such as Nitter which can harvest or follow (RSS feeds!) Twitter seem to offer an off-ramp of sorts.

I'm not saying there isn't an inherent conflict, or major trade-offs.

And that my relying on people to use Twitter is its own form of emotional / moral labour outsourcing on my part.

@dredmorbius @aral This is what my cross-posts look like:

I found a relay app on for that and it only relays my own posts and skips the boosts. It also adds a link back to the post on Mastodon.

I'll stay on both sites for a while yet, because there's a bubble I still want to try to bring over here and I'm pondering strategy.

@aral Congratulations on being both one of the oldest #Twitter accounts (December 2006) as well as one of the oldest self-hosted #Mastodon accounts (April 2017). The Twitter chapter has finally come to a close, and you will now be exclusively on the #fediverse going forward.

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