Linux life hack: say you have a page open in Firefox on your Linux machine and you want to view it on your phone (and you don’t have some fancy integration between the two)…

Instead of typing in the URL, get the FxQRL extension that shows you a QR code of the current tab’s URL and aim your phone’s camera at it.

Boom! :)

@aral or you can send it on your phone with KDE Connect :blobfoxthinksmart:

@Evv1L @aral I've used kde's clipboard thingy to turn urls into QR codes also.

@Evv1L @aral I often have my laptop connected to WiFi while I don't use WiFi on my phone, so they both are not connected.

I usually need it the other way round. If I searched stuff on my phone, I want to later read it on my desktop PC in detail.

The problem is, I don't have access to a camera there all the time.

Usually I take the route of syncing via notes app or something and delete the link later.

@aral if you are using Firefox sync there is a tab in the new tab drawer on Firefox for Android that shows you tabs open on other devices.

@moftasa Am not. Wouldn’t either :) (I’ll use their browser as long as there isn’t a better one funded from the commons but I won’t be giving Mozilla, Inc., any of my data.)

Oh thank you so much! Did not know about this, and it looks super useful!

@aral you have to be in front of your computer with your phone nearby. I'm too lazy for this life :blobcat:

@aral I don't get what this has to do with Linux.
It's an extension that works on firefox on any OS.
"Linux machine" doesn't really make much sense, as the kernel, Linux doesn't operate on its own.

@Suiseiseki If you’re running a Mac, you can share URLs natively. I’m running Linux. I don’t have that native functionality. So I’m sharing a tip that works for me and I included the specifics of my use case. As an addendum: if you have the KDE connect software on your phone and computer and install the browser plugin, you can right click any page and open it on the other device

@aral another option is to use KDE Connect (that works on Gnome or any linux DE. It is not tied to KDE plasma, it is just developed by their community)

One of the features is sending and receiving URLs between your devices.

@aral Worth noting -- and praising! -- that it works locally; while there are many similar extensions, some of them "create" qr-code via online services, even for such simple task.

@aral You can just click the address bar for a QR code button in Chrome-based browsers. Firefox should borrow that idea.

@Kye Ah, would you look at that, you do :) Nice. (I mean, as nice as anything related to Google can be in a greater sense.)

(That’s in Ungoogled Chromium, by the way, so apparently it works there also.)

@tanghus @aral Yeah, that's what I usually use as well, it's very nice for the few times that I want to move something over on my phone :)

@tanghus @aral
Neat, i mostly just use QtQr for generating and reading those codes. :)

@tanghus @aral doesn’t have to a an url, either, any text in quotes will work. Very handy to type iMessages on a proper keyboard and then copy them to the phone’s clipboard by scanning the qr.

@tanghus Wow, they don't even put in a redirect to harvest clicks. Very nice!

@aral You can also use your Firefox-Account. Click on your profile-pic, send tab to device, choose the phone. Done.

@kaffeeringe Thanks, Steffen. But I do not have nor do I want an Firefox account. I have no intention of giving Mozilla Inc. any of my data :)

@pixelcode @kaffeeringe I should be but I’m using the Firefox that comes with Silverblue (with as many data collection points turned off as I could find) :) You can also use KDE Connect to share your clipboard between your phone & computer as well!

@aral or how about dictate the keywords in your privacy respecting search engine and find the said article again by yourself. Modern search engines have gotten pretty smart in getting you what exactly you are looking for.

@aral or sign both devices into A Firefox account and use Send to device

@aral my command line version: copy URL then: wl-paste | qrencode -t utf8

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