Oh my goodness, been using the Mastodon web client basically since it first came out and only just saw/unchecked the “Enable advanced web interface“ option in Preferences and… ah, bliss!


@aral I love it a lot more than the noisy all the columns interface. And so nice that you can actually change it.

@servingworlds Thank @Gargron :)

PS. Why, oh, why isn’t this the default? :)

@aral @servingworlds It is the default. Your account just predates it. We did not migrate anyone forcefully to the new design...

@aral that was a heck of a public service announcement. I'm much preferring the interface now.

@aral The simple web interface is so much more pleasant to use.

@aral Also ever tried something like which can make it even more minimal.

@ff0000 I haven’t, no. But I think this is fine for me :)

@aral same for me, but if you want more minimal, there is always the possibility. :)

@aral How did you get this fancy design? When i switch off the advanced web interface, it still looks very similar to advanced except 2 of the 5 columns disappear. But "Home", "Notifications" and the other buttons are still ordered as a list on the right of the timeline.

Our server runs Mastodon v3.5.2, my browser is Safari 14.1.2 on macOS (yes, i'm a cutting edge user, but on the lower edge ;-)

@markus @aral I'm also not seeing the different tabs across the top. Just "Home".

@markus Apparently they show on narrower viewports. (I usually have my browser take up half my screen width.)

@aral @markus Got it. It's window size. If you're window is too wide it won't show the tabs.

@cruzin @aral Ah! Thanks! Too bad there is no other way to force it to put all buttons to the top. Maybe someone more capable than me creates a theme for me too. ;-)

In the meantime i can live with the current look and feel.

@aral Alas if you expand the browser window past 1190px you get a huge right-hand navigation pane and that nice, simple tabs bar goes away. I wish there were a way to just have what you see there. I find even that right navigation pane that appears too busy.

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