Given the production values, I’m assuming they’re VC-funded but, regardless, @charm are doing some really interesting work in command-line apps via ssh (and all their stuff is open source).

Take the VC/corporate focus away for a second and their approach is actually very similar to that of the small web (, only on the command-line and with ssh.

Lots to learn from their approach for making traditionally complicated things easier to use.

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@aral thank you for the kind words! We are vc funded, but strive to live up to our ideals of openness, empowerment, and creativity. We believe in a federated and self-hostable future. Also, one of our co-founders recently did a Changelog podcast and talked about our philosophy in-depth if anyone is curious to hear more:

@aral Another one in this space is textualize: (I have to admit, I'm not really sure what the long-term monetization strategies are here?)

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