Folks: “just host your own GitLab”

Me upgrading GitLab today: Fails due to key expiration error. Fix that. Re-run upgrade. Fails due to Let’s Encrypt provisioning error. Reconfigure. Re-run upgrade. Fails due to database migration error (it’s just one of those “expected batched background migration for the given configuration to be marked as 'finished', but it is 'active'” errors (we all know what those are like, amirite?). Fix that. Re-run configuration. Works.

Now × by N “host your owns…”

(Now, I fully expect to host my own git repositories in the future but the moral of the story is that it won’t be on a piece of software designed to run 1-100,000 accounts but one designed to be owned and used by one person. And it’ll be the same site/software I chat to my friends on. The difference in complexity between those two things is orders of magnitude. And what that translates to in practice is that the latter can be set up and maintained by everyday people without technical knowledge.)


A web site designed for one person that aggregates functionality (don’t thing “app” but plug-in style “features”) is the idea behind the Small Web:

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@aral love it! I have the gitlab self host website opened on one of my tabs since I wanted to mess with that on the near future. But I also thought about just literally storing the .git (and siblings ofc) folder and serve them as static content under They’re all open source anyway lol


My small contributions (get it?) are Plain Text Blog, Dirt Simple Photo Gallery, and Not Actually Plain Text Blog.

I just love writing simple programs with no interface that replace complicated behemoths. And I write them for me so I get exactly what I want.

@aral i’m not gonna come in here and say “oh you should try X instead.” but i have had so many issues trying to run gl locally. i love it at work but it’s a big piece of software and it needs more time and attention than i’m willing to give if i’m not being paid lol

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