Want an example of where Fedora Silverblue 36 trumps the usability of macOS? See the gorgeous new screenshot feature (part of GNOME 42).

1. What do you press to take a screenshot on a Mac? I keep forgetting the silly combination… On my machine, it’s the Print Screen button.

2. The screenshot feature is entirely intuitive with no hidden functionality; it remembers your choices and lets you record stills or videos.


@aral Not sure if your question was rhetorical, but Command-Shift-5, and it seems to work exactly the same as in Fedora (Macs do not have a Print Screen key though, this is not the 80s anymore)


@claus Indeed: two additional keys to do the same thing in 40 years… that’s what I call innovation. Also, did you see the sweet window selector? Oh, and it’s open source ;)

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@aral I think having a "print screen" key that doesn't actually "print" the screen is worse than having a shortcut that does exactly what it was designed for. The last time you actually pressed a "print screen" key to print the screen was probably 40 years ago 😆

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