Want an example of where Fedora Silverblue 36 trumps the usability of macOS? See the gorgeous new screenshot feature (part of GNOME 42).

1. What do you press to take a screenshot on a Mac? I keep forgetting the silly combination… On my machine, it’s the Print Screen button.

2. The screenshot feature is entirely intuitive with no hidden functionality; it remembers your choices and lets you record stills or videos.


@aral What's the immutable way of life like? Why did you choose Silverblue over the “standard” Fedora? Less problems?


@mikael I’m still finding my way a little but I love this system. There’s definitely room for improvement. You shouldn’t have to know or care that the core OS is read-only for example.

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@aral Cool. Looking forward to a closer look! Sleep well. 🌝

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