If you’re using Helix Editor, you might like the handful of keymap customisations I’ve implemented for myself:

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@hamishtpb Not sure, never used it. It’s based on it and there are several threads on the GitHub discussions about it.

@aral I was going to add this to the discusion, but i'm not a helix user and figured maybe it'd be better to just pass it on to you and let you decide what to do with it.

> Be ergonomic: commonly used actions should be close to one another and not require large or uncomfortable movements of the fingers.

while i agree there are 2 problems with this:


1. it assumes a consistent keyboard layout (and thus language)
* different languages have different layouts
* within a given language there are also different layouts (querty vs dvorak vs colemak for example)
2. it assumes the person has 2 hands with the "normal" shape and number of digits.
* this is admittedly an edge case
* this results in the usage of even more different layouts like Dvorak Left Handed or Dvorak Right Handed

@aral So, it's important to allow these to continue to be configurable, but _also_ one should consider adding internationalization support to the configs, or alternate configs for alternate layouts.

@masukomi Indeed. And your last point is a very important one and generic enough to apply to any editor, but especially to any modal one. If you wouldn’t mind opening an enhancement request or discussion about that, I feel it would be hugely beneficial to get folks thinking about it. (If you’re busy, I’ll be happy to when I find a moment.)

@aral I'm reluctant to open an enhancement because 1) I'm not a user so it seems like a dick move to say "hey, you should do work" when i'm not a supporter or beneficiary of said work 2) i'm not really a member of that community and it generally sucks when outsiders poke their noses into your stuff and start telling you how things should be.

But, I figure you are a member, and _if_ you're interesting in raising that flag, it's now on your radar, and maybe will be on theirs. ;)

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