Your daily reminder that you don’t have to react to the bullshit of the mainstream.

Act! Set the narrative! Make your own tools – kind, caring, fair, and non-colonial ones – and let those exploitative fuckers be the ones who have to react to that.

(This is a lesson I admit I have to keep relearning but I think I’m getting better at it. Not having the asshole Twitter algorithm riling me up any chance it gets has also helped since I stopped visiting that cesspit.)

@aral honestly, being on a my laptop and phone for a combined probably 3 hours a day has helped immensely! Now that I say that out loud, even that sounds WAY too high, but I can't imagine what my use was like before. My thoughts are just clearer, I am calmer, it doesn't take me forever to de-stress.

@aral it's much easier when you don't have an account on mainstream social media and don't visit it much or at all. I log in to reddit only a few times a year, don't have a Facebook (inc. insta, WhatsApp), Google, tiktok, hackernews, or twitter account, and it's pretty easy to stay out of touch.


And about “fair”:
Since the decided upcoming funding of EU and Germany is incredible low [nearly nothing] :
Please only apply if you would do the thing regardless with projects where you would give your life for or where all of your heart is.

@aral "Be the change you want to see in the world" - we need transformation, our society, civilization even personal lifestyles have to change. Technology is a big part of our lives and I belive it won't just evolve with us, it has the potential to actually cause the change.

@aral Exactly. Be the change you want to see. Live it and people will follow.

@aral One of the things that "algorithm-based social media" has done is really force people to react or comment or meme about the Thing™ of the day b/c that is what the algo is looking for

and while it's sometimes useful to comment on or undermine a narrative, you are still following a narrative rather than making your own

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