Really love how our Owncast site is looking (if I do say so myself) :)

Also, remember that you can set up Owncast on a VPS with the following Site.js command:

site enable --owncast

That’s it.

It’ll be up and running with automatic TSL certificates and everything. You just need to sign into the admin, change your password/stream key and maybe take a few moments to customise your site info :)

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* TSL? I mean TLS, of course.

I think this is why Laura was telling me I should be in bed nursing my sore throat instead of in front of the computer right now.

(Nah, I suck at proofreading at the best of times.)

:awesome: 👍

@aral Looks good indeed and look I'm in the screenshot :blobcoffee:

@aral "Totally Secure Linkythings", nah, it checks out :blobnomcookie:

(get well, listen to Laura 💜)

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