The UK could pull out of Europe’s human rights framework after last-ditch legal rulings blocked the government’s plan to relocate asylum-seekers to Rwanda.

“I am evil, our government is evil, the people who voted for us are evil and we will ensure nothing prevents us from carrying out the evil we were elected to do” said home secretary Priti Patel when asked for comment.

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I often wonder if I actually died in 2012 and went to Hell, because it sure feels like it, complete with fiendish overlord Patel the Intolerant and her goblin sidekick Boris the Deciever.

@aral I really don't get her. If this law had been in action when she fled to the UK, she would have been deported to Rwanda herself 🤦

@gunchleoc Well, her parents, but yes. There’s nothing to get, she’s a “fuck you, I got mine” and first and foremost a generally horrible person.


50% of UK Voters: "Say what you like about her, she tells it like it is."

@aral a lot of the voters aren't even that evil, they're just misinformed. One of the main things that makes me want the fediverse to succeed is seeing the brain rot caused by targetted advertising on facebook.


@aral I love* to be told on the one hand that they’re protecting the Good Friday agreement re the protocol, and on the other that they’re considering withdrawing from the rights framework required by the same.

*and by ‘love’, I mean ‘despair’

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