I’m really sorry that I still see anyone defending Julian Assange in fucking 2022.

Apart from the sexual abuse (a big thing to gloss over), he was a willing agent of the worst countries on the planet. There is a lot of evidence he worked with Russia’s FSB in essentially destabilizing operations.

He belongs in jail.

@szbalint I left the Diem25 advisory board because it felt like an Assange cult (I was told we couldn’t even talk about his problematic behaviours) but – as others have stated in the replies – the real problem here is that what the US government is trying to do is to set a precedent that can then be used against any journalist or whistleblower.


@szbalint (They’re clever enough to know not to come after someone everybody loves. But if you don’t defend the rights of those you dislike, then those you love will lose those rights too.)

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