I am releasing a new project to, hopefully, make some money so that I can support our TROM project and myself. This is it -->> webape.site/

So. I provide managed instances for Mastodon, Peertube, Nextcloud, Friendica, and a few other services. On top of this I am making any kind of website in Wordpress. This is my "skill" and so I will try to make some money like this. I have to, I have no choice.

But listen.

I am not making a "business" out of this. I want to do a decent job at it, so I will only take 20-30 projects. Enough to sustain myself and have the time to focus on TROM, plus be able to properly manage these paid-for websites.

I tried to provide really cheap and very "tempting" offers, if anyone is interested, since I will only post once about this on my profile, the rest go on the Federated profile of the project -->> social.trom.tf/profile/webape

Here is what I offer:





I can setup huge instances up to 25TB of diskspace. And provide support over email or chat (Matrix).

If you think anyone may be interested, give it a share.

@tio heads up: site’s not loading for me at the moment.

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@aral Yup, thanks. I am aware of it. For the past hours the hosting provider seems to have had some technical issues. Works now but not sure what the issue was/is.
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