The US Supreme Court announces rebrand. Will henceforth be known as Taliban White™

What a horrible setback for human rights.

@aral Please be careful about associating these rulings with Islam. Abortion is legal under Islam, for example. This is pure white Christian hegemonic authoritarianism, you can call that out directly

@restlesshead Don’t tell the Malikis that… But my analogy was more about the shared inherent misogyny at the core of both. By the way, I’m the ex-Muslim son of two Muslim parents (in other words, under strict Islamic law, I should be put to death.)

@aral So you know, my comment was driven by the fact that, in the US, there's a common bias that Christianity == Good, eliding any possibility that bad things can come from Christian doctrine or communities. This makes it very hard to combat the kind of Christian hegemony that today's ruling is working toward. Phrases like "American Taliban" just reinforce that bias and do nothing to help

Well shit. It's ancient Rome all over again, just as predicted...
They're in thebprocess of just forgetting what human rights and democracy and all that stuff are good for, just like that.

It might take a few decades or a century, but the trend is very clear, and it's happening in England, too. Also in a lot of other places of which I would never have expected it.

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