I managed to successfully replace branches of Google and Microsoft monopolies for personal use: #Hey for mail, #Ecosia for search, #Firefox for browsing (desktop & mobile), and Murena + /e/ + Fairphone for smartphones. These migrations were mostly painless.

I'm still stuck with others though: 🧵


@astrojuanlu Thanks for sharing :)

My one warning would be Hey. It’s got major lock-in (it’s a proprietary wrapper around open email). Written as someone who is now facing the painful migration path from Hey back to Fastmail when I can be bothered to undertake it.

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@aral Thanks for chiming in @aral! For the moment I trust them, and I highly value their UI/UX focus. But you're right that they have lock-in, and as @markusl pointed out in another reply, emails are not encrypted at rest.

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