Seeing a lot of accounts without any profile information…

Folks, if you want us to follow you, please, tell us a little about your account. You don’t have to post a photo of yourself or identify yourself if you don’t want to but please take a moment to tend to your profile so it says something about why it exists and what we can expect if we follow it.

It’s also helpful if your make an post. (You can also pin that to your account.)

Suggestion: let’s make April 11th, the (?) (411*, get it?) :)

A day in which we all make an effort to update our profiles.


(I realise the first one would be a year away but there’s nothing stopping you from tending to yours today) :)

* slang for information or “deets**” (from the telephone code in some counties for directory information)

** slang for details

@aral I don't know, sounds awfully American. How about we go with 118 instead and, to really take a risk, go with 11 August. 🤔

An added bonus is that my very basic searching indicate that the day is available, that is not already occupied with another "international" or "world" day

@espen Sure, but is 118 used in that way ever? 411 is :)

@espen Mind you, both 411 and “deets” have the connotation that you’re trying to get the details of someone you’re sexually attracted to so maybe 118 would be better with less baggage. I don’t know. Any date will do, really.

@aral Yeah agreed. Personally I fiddle with it from time to time when I think there's a need or after updates to see if there is something new to fiddle with (who needs changelogs. bah humbug)

@aral Used in what way? I recognized 411 as about "halfway there to 911" but maybe I don't consume enough TV 😋

118(something something .. and maybe somthing) should be the numer to your phone directory though

@espen apparently 4-1-1 is the directory assistance telephone number in Canada and the US and has been since the 1930s in some areas. To be honest, it's the first time I've heard of it (or its slang use for getting someone's / something's details).
@aral I also think that picking a date that doesn't come with the usual US- vs rest-of-the-world-date-confusion would be a better idea. So either one where the month and day are equal, or where the day exceeds 12 (so it can't mean the month).

So, how about 11/11, so we can change it all at once/ones? ;)

@aral i like this idea. it’s easy to forget about our profiles - especially our photos. i’m guilty of using an avatar that’s outdated — mostly because i don’t like most photos that are taken of me.


viele Konten ohne Profilinformationen

Leute, wenn ihr wollt, dass wir euch folgen, erzählt uns bitte ein wenig über euren Account. Ihr müsst kein Foto von euch posten oder euch identifizieren, wenn ihr das nicht wollt, aber nehmt euch bitte einen Moment Zeit, um euer Profil zu pflegen, damit es etwas darüber aussagt, warum es existiert und was wir erwarten können, wenn wir ihm folgen.
Es ist auch hilfreich, wenn du einen #neuhier post machst.

@aral as a moderator for an instance I see an aweful lot of accounts which are created and not used any further. That's even more annoying.

@aral the fact is that I don't like definitions/category in general and even less about me :/
It's very hard to summarize what you are (interested to), because it changes so frequently, so fluidly

@aral I have seen profiles suggesting that the owner is thoughtful, understanding and kind. But when i see their last 50 or so posts, it is nothing but brutal insults. No, i'd rather not believe what people say about themselves, but look at what they actually do in their last 50 or so posts.

I do not look up any profiles and follow by quality content. So folks, if you want to be followed, write interesting stuff :-)

Or just do whatever you want & however you feel, it's the fediverse freedom The official Mastodon apps are crap. I'd recommend ToooT if you're on Android.

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