Hmm, looks like is going to be on my doorstep in Kilkenny (Ireland) this October. Anyone from the fediverse going? Wonder if there’d be any interest in an in-person small web meetup around the same time here.

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I don't like travel, but if you're sometime closer to the north of .nl I'll buy you a drink 😅

@aral I used to get out to Ireland a lot back in the day (Cork & Galway) but unfortunately my excuse for going there evaporated.

Like @sexybiggetje, if you happen to be in NL let us know. ☺️

@aral Yeah, I'm going. It's 10 years celebration for me since 2012 was the first one for me.

@rtn Cool. Maybe we can at least organise a coffee or something in town with some of the folks.

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