Apologies for drama 

Apologies to followers whose timeline I filled with drama replies just now.

I'll try to stick to having these discussions through DMs in future.

I normally do that, but today thought I'd try doing this in public, and it just was a strong lesson in why DMs are more appropriate.

However, I need to make something clear about this account:

I don't believe tech is neutral. I think the culture of those developing a technology has an effect on how that technology is used. This is why Facebook and Twitter have made social media so horrible, because their creators are obsessed with "engagement" and money while not caring about anything else. The software they create reflects their nature.

When I post stuff I try to do at least some due dilligence on whether it's problematic or not.

Also, someone promoted a really nasty transphobic server in a reply to my post. Please don't do that, transphobia is wrong.


Apologies for drama 

@feditips You have nothing to apologise for. You’re doing a wonderful job and is an invaluable resource thanks to you.

Keep being awesome!


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