Just scrolled through Twitter. It reminded me why I don’t scroll through Twitter anymore.

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@aral the timeline is much more bearable if you sort by newest instead of relying on the algorithm, but yes - horrible either way.

@aral I had a similar experience reading Reddit comments a couple of weeks back.

@aral Every single time I look at a thread and scroll down… as soon as the original thread ends and the comments begin… I always close these threads in disgust, my faith in humanity eroding further and further.

@jens @kensanata @aral it's something that you sometimes get accidentally linked to. Just ignore it, there is no thing good coming out of it.

@kensanata @aral It’s an optimization function of the platform, not of humanity ;)

@aral Yeah. I always come away from it feeling mildly tenderized.

@aral You should try #nitter I use that for browsing certain profiles sometimes. Way better but obviously wish they were here in first place!

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