Are you still wasting time and money on usability? This new service makes any site usable automatically.

Sounds ridiculous, right?

So why do you accept it when it comes to accessibility?

Accessibility isn’t a checkbox. Accessibility is not an overlay. Accessibility is inclusive usability.

Hey, the link gives me a 500 error.
Here's an archived link:

@frankie Odd, it’s working for me (just tried again). Thanks for the backup link :)

Ah, it's probably geo-locked, and blocked in some domiciles! :blobcatgiggle:

@aral Ironically, the term "a11y" is precisely the kind of thing that breaks the internet for blind people. People think they are being cute when they will use mathematical symbols as "a funny font" or drop numbers as letters, never considering that they completely fuck up screen readers. Don't use 1337 speak.

@GabeMoralesVR Exactly. Which is why I spelled it out in the body of the post. I only included the ridiculous acronym in the hashtags because some folks likely only watch/search for that given that it’s – inexplicably – an “industry” standard.

@aral technology being overcomplicated hinders accessibility very badly, and then accessibility being implemented on top in a hacky manner is kinda just insulting
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