So @codeberg (think of it as the ethical GitHub) is a not-for-profit that depends on donations. You can also become a member of the org by supporting it.

Since I’m moving our projects there, I’ve signed up as an active member and Small Technology Foundation is now a supporting member with both me and the org making separate small annual contributions to the organisation.

If you’re using the service and can afford it, please help them maintain the commons.

@aral Welcome to @codeberg!

I've been there some months as well and have deleted my Github repos & account lately.

Hopefully more people will follow and become a member!

@aral Site.js will also be available on Codeberg in the long term? :)

@aral @codeberg
Thanks for the tip, I'm a Developer using the ServiceNow platform, so I'm going to see if I can use my new codeberg repository with my ServiceNow instance instead of GitHub

@aral @codeberg
Long story short, Codeberg does work with Applications you create from Scratch on ServiceNow; but there is an issue with porting Applications from GitHub to Codeberg and then trying to pull those to the instance; something to do with a missing Application file...

@aral @codeberg "the ethical GitHub" The? You mean one of the many free forges?

@aral @codeberg can you have private repos on Codeberg or is it all publicly viewable? I’m not the best programmer and am a little shy ☺️

@drh it is intended for sharing free software, but there are some situations where private repositories are allowed

you don't have to be the best programmer for your programs be valuable for someone. it might just serve as inspiration

@aral @codeberg Welcome!

The day Codeberg supports federation it will be even more awesome :)

@aral @codeberg is a fork/adaptation of gittea as far as I can tell, but they don't make it that obvious.
I have nothing against gittea tho, and their new federation tests look really nice. (That codeberg will probably be able to merge in)

@davidgarywood @codeberg “Our mission is to support the creation and development of Free Software; therefore we only allow repos licensed under an OSI/FSF-approved license … Private repositories are only allowed for things required for FLOSS projects, like storing secrets, team-internal discussions or hiding projects from the public until they're ready for usage and/or contribution. They are also allowed for really small & personal stuff like your journal, config files…”

@aral @codeberg that’s a shame but makes sense. I’ve private code, for my iOS apps, that I would like to host somewhere more responsible than GitHub !
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