@aral Nice I've heard they are considering to move. Glad to hear they landed on something that will soon be compatible with #Codeberg :) #Forgefed #ActivityPub

@aral you know what, bi don't even use blender. But for this commitment I've just donated 10€. They can have a coffee or something while waiting on copying those attachments.

📢Lets hear it for Blender📢
🎵Celebrate good times, come on🎵
🎵Its a celebration🎵


@aral it used Phabricator which works fine, but Gitea is comfier imho

@aral “we’re in the finishing stages of having a support agreement with the Gitea project to have them support us in our migration by funding work on missing features, code and bugfixes that will be available 100% to Gitea users under Gitea’s MIT license“

ok wow nice :blobcatrainbow:

@aral I have heard that they *mean* to do so... But I've also heard that it's going to take a while. Mind you, sometimes, "dang this is more complex than we thought" in Blender is, "This will take 2-3 weeks not 2-3 days."

@aral so that's how they made their choice finally. Interesting 😃

(Context for readers : they are migrating from Phabricator which is no longer developed)

@aral I don't know what Gitea is. But I use Blender and contribute $ when I upgrade and hope this means it continues.
Blender is awesome!

@Corvus It’s a free and open source code hosting app. So it’s like the code that runs GitHub but, unlike GitHub, anyone can run their own instance. So, for example, @codeberg runs Gitea :)

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