Very good online tool indeed ^^
thanks for sharing.

I don't understand why it's not technically compatible with firefox though. It doesn't matter.


@Troll What makes it even better is that you can also download it and use it offline :)

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@vega Looks like it (couldn‘t find the source on github.com/jarek-foksa?tab=rep although the underlying interface library appears to be).

I’d love to know what the developer‘s plans for it are. This would also be a great opportunity for someone like NLNet to swoop in and support it being transitioned into the commons (before some VC swoops in and transitions it into being a people farmer).

@aral By the way, nowadays I usually refer to servers as gardens. I believe this will make owning a garden sound a lot less technical and a lot more fun. It would also create expectations of ease of use.

As example, freedombox and yunohost are aiming to be such garden operating systems. And Pioneer Freedombox is a garden.

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