Ah, the old Ctrl+L Ctrl+C Ctrl+Shift+P Ctrl+V Enter dance.

Aka “doing the

No, I will not sign up for your shitty site to read someone’s post.

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@aral Ah, haven't had that in a while since using with libredirect for Firefox. Peace of Mind.

@metaphil @aral libredirect is the best thing I've learned about this month - thank you for bringing it to my attention!

@aral Or set up LibRedirect once, and never have to do that dance again.

@markusl @metaphil Ah, what a gem. Thanks both, have it up and running now :)

@arek Thanks, just got it up and running with libredirect. Mmm… bliss :)

That's a nice work around. As another option to avoid having to open a private window you can just add:
at the start of the URL. I have assigned a keyboard shortcut to enter it with AutoHotKey which gets the process down to CTRL-L, Left-Arrow, ShortcutOfChoice, Enter :)

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