“Prince Harry Talks About ‘Global Assault On Democracy’ In Emotional UN Address”

Prince … Talks About ‘Global Assault On Democracy’

Prince … Democracy


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@aral it’s like Google and Facebook talking about users’ rights and privacy.

@aral Unless it's a popular monarchy like Belgium, then it's quite alright.

@aral I don't really keep up with royal intrigues, but afaik Harry sort-of renounced his position and/or was pushed out. I think the inner circle considered his new wife to be insufficiently white.

Although no newspaper will say it, he is commonly believed to be the son of one of Diana's lovers and so not an heir to the throne in the usual sense.

@bob I thought he renounced because his American wife couldn't handle the royal duties, obligations and back stabbing. She probably thought being a princess was more like how Disney portrays it and not like how The curse of the Golden Flower portrays it.

@bob Indeed. But still calls himself a prince and hasn’t abdicated as far as I’m aware, so…

@aral @bob "the Duke of Sussex is still technically considered to be a prince, even though he wishes otherwise"

@aral For me, that is not necessarily a contradiction. Prince is just a title that he inherited.

Standing up for democracy is active engagement. You have to do something for it. And anyone can do that.

@phranck If you truly stood for democracy, the first thing you’d do is to abdicate your title in the monarchy. Monarchy is the opposite of democracy.

@aral Well, it may not be so contradictional. For example, dukes of Great Novgorod were elected by city council (pretty democratic for Middle Ages, I'd say), signed contracts detailing their rights and duties, and despite the title were something akin chiefs of police.
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