Unbelievable, there seems to be some “e-commerce” engine of some sort that just doesn’t work on Firefox. Encountered two different sites today that are clearly using the same backend (both in the onewheel/skating community) and both declined cards (Visa and Mastercard, by two different banks) without ever hitting the payment processor. Both worked on Chromium.


Capitalism can’t even do capitalism right.

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OMFG, it’s actually an embedded PayPal credit card form.

Why the fuck am I not surprised?

Bloody PayPal.

Thiel and Musk’s gift to the world.

(I wouldn’t put it past them to screw up so royally on credit card payments on purpose. “Oh, look, credit card payments so bad, maybe I should click PayPal button…”)


@aral I despise PayPal, but it seems like a significant portion of people voluntarily choose it over cards or are in a place the card processors don't serve.

I don't get it, but I get these weird angry defenses any time I point out how much of a pain it is for merchants. People who haven't been burned by it do seem to trust it.

I don't have a bank account. no paypal = no server, no 1$glasses, watsi, and so on

@aral ...and all the hipsters use Venmo because 'it's not paypal' 🤣 (it's owned by paypal) while everyone is wondering why btc didn't turn out to be an alt-currency that circumvented the global financial system🤣

@aral as a webdev, I can confirm. People like to pretend that there is just one browser these days, sort of the extreme bounce-back from those years of IE-support-hell. But I also do most of my work in FireFox.

@aral This may partly explain trying to buy BA tickets. It didn't occur to me to try chromium. Anyway, it took paypal

@celesteh @aral

I'm also seeing (in UK) valid company credit cards within limit (Mastercard and Visa) rejected on websites of both big and small companies without any involvement of Paypal on all browsers - to the point both myself and the Finance Manager at work have to try multiple cards for various companies and just pick the one that works. It seems Visa and Mastercard have changed their security validation methods and many e-commerce processors have not caught up with this..

@aral I got my Visa card number rejected on Patreon because I blocked their trackers ...
F them !

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