Turkey-Russia to act in cooperation against terrorism in Syria

How interesting. So they’re going to be attacking their own troops?


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@aral taking "terrorism is just anything I disagree with" to its logical conclusions

Please @Bernard provide a source for claim that the US occupies anything noteworth in Syria.
@aral there is nothing new in this deal. Turkey and Russia have long backed the Assad régime with military support.

@Bernard @aral I assume those are the best three sources you can provide (online). The first source is from 2019, the second is from an Iranian news site with the stated aim to "Defending the Islamic Revolution", so I don't know why I would expect anything other than anti-american propaganda. The Aaron Mate substack article is nearly a year old, but I will certainly read his article even if it is nearly a year old. Thanks.

@duncan_lithgow @aral You are welcome. They are not the best I can find, but I am a little busy at moment. I encourage people to do their own research since people usually question sources that don't agree with what they understand or for other reasons. If you find any evidence that US troops have pulled back or out, do let me know.

@Bernard @aral my understanding was that the US only had some support for the Kurds to secure the ISIS prisons and that it was nothing anywhere near 1/3 of Syria. In my circles there was some anger at the US abandoning the Kurds in Rojova (that was always bound to happen). I look forward to reading the article.

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