LibRedirect really gives you a taste of what the web could have been like had it not developed under capitalism.

(Thanks to everyone who suggested it to me here. I really feel the difference when I’m on my iPhone and I’m like, wait, why did the web become shit all of a sudden?) :)

Isn’t Bibliogram dead now ? I mean, iirc the dev has dropped the project, so it might stop being compatible with instagram soon

@aral so basically, it is actually what capitalism has allowed to exist, just as a secondary option no one knows about :blobcatderpy:

@aral I use another extention for the same purpose, but it seems this has much better options to avoid from big web.

Teşekkürler Aral abi.

@kayfaber Just Aral, please. We don’t need the “abi” :)

@aral do you happen to have an introductory post about how you view capitalism in larger context? ♥️

Or put another way what do you view as foundation of thinking of a post capitalist future?

@aral Farside is a project that does something similar.
But it does the redirect using a server instead of a web extension.
for example, you can get rickrolled through one of Invidious instances by opening this link:

@aral LibRedirect was great on Firefox. Unfortunately, the FF extension hasn't been updated since June 2022. Twitter redirect is no longer working, in the parameters it redirects to (which doesn't exist) and a bug makes it impossible to set a custom nitter instance.

I had assumed development had stopped, but I now see that the Codeberg git repo is active. I wonder what's up with the FF extension. Will have to look into installing from source.

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