Saying you work in Big Tech because you want to “change it from within” is like saying you’re a butler for the royal family because you want to overthrow the monarchy.

@aral In my opinion, most people that say this are only thinking about one, two, or few problems. The overall picture is so complicated that even the best politicians get bought! We can't expect much from employees.

@aral This applies to all bigger organizations. People trying the same in political parties are similarly ineffective, but still a lot of them claim that as their goal.

@aral Here we have a saying: "Who sleeps with the dog catches it fleas". Meaning you start behaving the same.

@aral yeah, that’s also why many CEOs regret going public: changes might happen, but mostly in the direction of shareholders’ interests 😖

Still, if you think about individuals working in big tech, they have a chance to learn a lot, grow, help others, and bring different points of view both in and outside the company. And while big companies usually do not stray too much from their paths, people can and at some point they might bring something which is valuable to everyone.

I feel, of course, super biased, but I am also super grateful you have started this conversation and happy to have a chance to say what I think about this 🙂

@mala @aral
I work for Big Tech to pay my bills, point.
What i find funny is all those companies thing for storytelling their values.
Guys, you're a company, your values is to make money in laws boundaries.
Never heard a company saying they want to do bad things to mankind

@aral TBH, I suspect that the butler has a better chance of shanking the king than a techie does of changing #BigTech from within.

Getting away with it would be the hard part.

"You don't change the inside, the inside changes you."
Applies to anything.

just an example. Did you ever hear about Greville Wynne and Oleg Penkovsky (cf The courier) ? Was it anecdotal ? Does google execute whistleblowers ?

@aral E. Snowden, Panama's papers, F. Haugen ... That takes courage ... better to say "we can't expect much".

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