Capitalism fears what it cannot control. They don’t necessarily want to destroy you, they just want you on their payroll. So keep an eye out for that fediverse and decentralisation folks… always ask where the money’s coming from and what strings are attached to that.

@aral you've got something special in mind? 🤔😳

@kranzkrone Not anything I’m aware of at the moment (beyond the usual Silicon Valley efforts to co-opt stuff). Was riffing off of what @bob said earlier (

@aral People operating personal websites need to beware, too. At least once a month I get email from somebody asking me how I monetize my website.

I tell them the same thing every damn time: my business model is called "having a day job".


@aral I wonder if my anti-Javascripting is why I haven't seen that?

[or, you know, maybe it's just that I have nothing on there and nobody links to it so crawlers never see it. It's probably that one, to be honest :)]

[...crap, urge to put stuff on there is rising again...]


I didn't even know you had a personal website since you don't link to it in your profile.


I presume you've got a page on one of your sites saying where yours comes from then?

@aral Capitalism, that meets the Marx definition of what we now more accurately call Crony-Capitalism - yes
Free Market 'Capitalism' however IS decentralisation!
Free the market - free the people!

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