@codeberg Hey folks, heads up: I’m seeing 500 errors on the site while trying to perform actions via the web interface.

I initially got it while trying to delete a repo.

I then went to add a comment to the bug about someone else who encountered a 500 bug when trying to do that and got a 500 bug when trying to submit my comment.

Looks like anything that’s updating the database is throwing a 500 error possibly?

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@codeberg Ah, just saw – I’ll walk home and try it from there in hopes you’ve figured it out by then :)

@aral At the time of that post, everything was already back online. We just wanted to explain what happened.

@codeberg Hah, was just coming back to say it’s working now – thanks! :)

@codeberg @aral and thanks for explaining, even while already back online. Even though it didn't have any impact on me, it is good to read about these things.

@aral Does this still happen? We weren't able to reproduce this on our side.

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