So, you have to love this:

Dude’s having a go at me for “Arriving, immediately trying to position yourself as a community leader, making an asinine, fuck-all point…”

Now wait for it… on my own instance, running from my own domain, hosted on my own server.

So you’re basically yelling at me for posting my thoughts on my own site? Do you also scream “I hate your flower arrangements" at people while walking past the gardens of their homes?

*smh* :)

Oh, and now I see he’s spouted some absolute bullshit about me in the thread. Activist meetings? Dude, when’s the last time I went to an activist meeting? We avoided Berlin just so we could stay away from the “bold and the beautiful” crap that goes on in that community.

Seriously, why do people think they can just talk crap about you without knowing you or having ever met you just because you may be somewhat known in a given field?

@aral Please stop using your own website for your own purposes, that's bad.

@aral I don't know you and I don't really have an opinion about you, who you are, etc., but the flowers metaphor is nonsense? I understand you feel offended and I respect it anyway.

This person says they don't like a flatmate who brought his own room and started to have a specific role in this community. No disrespect to you because I don't read a lot of toots from you.

@aral "that guy who goes to activist meetings to pick up girls"

Is this serious?

@ekaitz_zarraga I have no idea where he pulled that one out of. I don’t even know the guy and I don't go to activists meetings :)

@aral It's funny because one starts talking and all the others go increasing the attack.


aaaah... people.

I've been talking with that guy in the past, I don't remember him as an idiot... I don't really understand what happened.

Who cares?
Ignore it and keep living your life.

@ekaitz_zarraga @aral I'm pretty sure that "activist meeting" bit isn't referring to Aral - try looking at which subthread it's responding to. :)

@aral to be fair, I think the "activist meeting" bit isn't directed at you, just as an example of what he thinks would be worse than your behaviour.

@zatnosk Ah, I misread (as did @ekaitz_zarraga) – still, that whole thread. WTF? I mean, ffs, how about spending time critiquing those who are actively working every day to fuck things up instead of those of us trying to make things better? This sort of crap makes me question why I put myself out there (hint: it’s not for the six-figure pay check, that’s for sure). Do people really think you do this for ego? You’d have to be a masochist.

@aral @zatnosk Can be for ego too. In some cases it is.Like people working 24/7 in a random company just to feel important.

But in your case... I think it's quite clear that your message was misunderstood.

@aral wow, usually you gotta go to twitter for that kinda action

@aral even though we've disagreed on birdsite, i gotta say that guy has a chip the size of denver on his shoulders concerning you.

otoh, my mom always said something to the effect of "fuck what people think, that's none of my business" there's a truth in that.
so let him rant & rave on his lonesome instead.

and listen to us who appreciate the work you guys do <3

@coeur66 Thanks, man. Really appreciate it.

If I could do what I do without anyone ever knowing who I was, I would.

@aral don't sweat it, i realize the negative peeps get to you, and after a while they're the loudest voices, but yeah. i aint one.

make sure to practice selfcare etc, and this summer, make sure to go far north in sweden and i'll get you some of the best coffee you've ever had ;)

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