OpenNIC: the unsung hero of the future?

So I’m ashamed to say that I’ve basically been ignorant of the fact that there’s been an alternate democratic/open/post-Capitalist domain name system operating since 2000. It’s called OpenNIC ( and – with a bit of design love and creative marketing – I don’t see why we couldn't get widespread support for it. It would be a huge step forward for decentralisation/individual sovereignty.

@aral I found it some months ago but I didn't understood well how it works.

Hope your push clarifies it a little.

Aral Balkan @aral

@ekaitz_zarraga Just tested it out today. Worked a charm (just forwarded http://aral.indy to my personal site ( Took a few hours to propagate and then boom. Only change was adding a Tier-2 OpenNIC DNS server (or two or three) to my DNS settings on my Mac.

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@aral Aaaaah I get it.

It's not very usable for final users, but for applications could be... Hmmmmmm

I have a couple of projects where I can fit this.