Decrypting Amber Rudd

Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter & YouTube (Google/Alphabet, Inc) have formed the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism and Amber Rudd is asking them to quietly drop end-to-end encryption from their products. You should not believe a single word any of those companies tells you about end-to-end encryption or privacy on their platforms ever again. PS. WhatsApp is owned by Facebook.


> WhatsApp is owned by Facebook.

It's a little too easy to imagine Facebook just taking out the primary feature of WhatsApp silently and nobody noticing.

great, now I gotta figure out if Signal's still safe and (thinking ahead) look to see if anybody has created a properly open-source end-to-end encryption app yet

(cannot remember RN if Signal is, but IIRC it isn't)

@aral @sydneyfalk
There's of course XMPP if you're more daring type of person, or Wire, which is very modern and has many features, but its own pitfalls, too (

Aral Balkan @aral

@Nuntius @sydneyfalk Look at Jeremie’s later work ( to see the evolution in his thinking since XMPP.

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