Had a wonderful reception for my proposal to kick off the Internet of People with a City of People in Ghent last week. (Watch this space—this is momentous!)

Next week is going to be busy: flying to Malaga on Monday to be interviewed at EmpoderaLive (empodera.org/en/empoderalive-2) and then I’m off to Vienna on Wednesday to present the opening keynote at Internet Summit Austria (thelink.is/internet-summit-aus).


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What's this "internet of people", @aral? Is it supposed to be different from the existing corporate internet?

@starbreaker Exactly! Imagine an internet where we each own our own domain name and our own little piece of space. Where we can publish (and no one can tell us what we can say or not say—even though no one is compelled to listen to us, of course). Where we can have an encrypted copy of our information that’s synced to all our devices. An internet where we have individual sovereignty and a healthy commons. (See ar.al/notes/towards-an-interne)

@aral I don't have to imagine an internet where we each have our own domain and our own little piece of space. That's my reality. I've had my own domain and website for years.

Unfortunately, it isn't reality for most people because there's more money in building surveillance-friendly silos than in creating tech that makes building one's own web space accessible to the masses. While I can cope with Jekyll and rsync, it wouldn't be reasonable to ask the same of my mother.

Aral Balkan @aral

@starbreaker So you still have to imagine it, because this isn’t about you (or me) – it’s entirely about making the ability to have that be as seamless as getting a Facebook *spit* account. Your own domain + a convenient interface in under seconds or we don’t win this. Stay tuned… not going to happen overnight but we might just be about to make a start on eventually getting there :)

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