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Capitalism is dying. The only question is, is it going to take us with it?

@aral How is that even a question. Obviously not.

@aral adn it will be a slow and very painful death...

@Antanicus @aral The depression of 2008 was like swimming into a concrete wall. Capitalism already died then, it's like Wile E. Coyote hasn't noticed yet that he's standing on air.
It's for the taking right now, we only have to decide on a direction and push hard towards that goal.

@aral Dying? It's never been more alive if you ask me. Care to elaborate?

@aral Not me. I mean, I'm a survivor.
I don't care.

It's the time for us to create alternatives.

@aral Socialism is dying. The only question is, is it going to take us with it?

@aral Or just changing forms. Not sure why prominent libertarian socialists don't dare to discuss CryptoCurrency reality.

Given capitalisms high approval rates I would definetly say "yes", tbh.


I don't know the anwser🤔 but for your information, we are glad to publish today the French translation of your rant against Rudd attacking end-to-end encryption

@aral Why would you say it's dying? I mean, I would hope for a more socialist interaction, but I can't see it approaching any time soon... I only see the wealthy getting wealthier.

@doc It’s dying in the same way cancer dies: by reaching its most successful stage and thereby killing the host. Both operate under the myth of infinite growth with finite resources.

@aral that is one part of business I never understood. The need for ever increasing growth (including for the bonuses of execs). As if having a healthy steady flow of money is something horrific? But I am very interested in seeing how this will turn out. Here’s for equality!

@doc @aral I want to say that it's partly because it creates incentive to buy shares?

@aral Capitalism requires consumption, & is driven by ever-increasing consumption. Capitalism is consuming & destroying the Earth life support system.

Having adequately informed myself of present reality, from various & reliable sources, it is perfectly clear that this is so. From a purely conceptual perspective on the fundamental essence of capitalism (& present humankind), it is perfectly clear that this *would* be so.

And by the way, the death of humankind is *much* closer than almost everyone realizes. Have a nice day ☺

Peter Joseph: Eviscerating Capitalism & Building New Alternatives – Empire Files

“His most recent book… delivers a startling exposé about the violent oppression that defines our economic order, while issuing an urgent call for global activism to unite to replace it. Abby Martin sits down with Joseph to talk about the contradictions and crises of capitalism and what he advocates to save the future of the planet from catastrophe.”

Excellent discussion
Video, 45 min

“The world’s tropical forests are so degraded… Researchers found that forest areas in South America, Africa and Asia – which have until recently played a key role in absorbing greenhouse gases – are now releasing 425 teragrams of carbon annually, which is more than all the traffic in the United States.”

Alarm as study reveals world’s tropical forests are huge carbon emission source
2017 09 28

The atmosphere is literally changing the food we eat, for the worse. And almost nobody is paying attention.

The Great Nutrient Collapse
2017 09 13

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