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GitLab raises $20M from Google (Ventures) – the key word here is “fork”

Today, on Venture Capital Ruins Everything, we have the lovely folks at GitLab (which we use and love at raising $20M from GV (née Google Ventures).

Investors invest in the exit so imagine what GitLab’s exit will look like after this. If any competent folks are thinking of a fork, now is a good time to start doing prep work. Think ownCloud/Nextcloud…

@aral You're absolutely right. It's fork o'clock.

@aral @drcable i was gonna ask "why" but the article explains, "kubernetes"

so, yes, that makes perfect sense then

@aral For smaller servers we have Gitea and others.

Take a look, you may want to migrate you Gitlab to those.

@aral GitLab has always been open core... I thought everyone knew this?

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