Auto-block any instance that buys into this crap. Nip this shit in the bud.



@aral I think they don't really understand how does mastodon work...

any admin will allow them to do that? I'm not sure about it.

@bob @pourrito @aral technically there's nothing preventing someone from running an instance that uses bots to spam other instances with ads...

@antanicus @aral @pourrito right, and I've been saying that for a while. Fortunately such instances could be blocked.

@aral they spell "mastodon" incorrectly in their page title and "advertising" wrong in the email address...

Hopefully these guys won't be making much money from this anytime soon.

@aral @pourrito Really? Already? Is there anything we can enjoy without someone wanting to monetize it?

@aral @pourrito The only instance safe from that shit is Pawoo, because it belongs to Pixiv who sell their advanced features and access to exclusive art.
@aral @pourrito Not much longer until Mastodon gets an algrithmic timeline.

You know, with more than simple filtering.
If you tell how you detect such an instance I will love to integrate this in Friendica as well (which can communicate with Mastodon as well)

@aral @pourrito Instances could use this to be funded. And users should be given an option to enable this as a opt-in. Then it would be fine! (Speaking as an instance admin)

@aral @pourrito @xvilo that's a completely outrageous proposal. If the instance is worth anything to it's users, they'll support it directly eg via patreon

@aral @pourrito @xvilo but who will willingly opt in to watch ads? Not to mention it would pollute the fediverse and the server would quickly get blocked by about everyone

@MightyPork @aral @pourrito nah, I dont Mind non-obtrusive ads. I do have an adblocker, en when I deem a site to be usefull its getting an exception. It's "cheaper" to just watch then pay an x amount per month

@aral @maloki @pourrito Fake fake fake !!! The domain doesn't even exist. Is not even registered. 🤣

@aral @pourrito @jeroenpraat ehh. I literally went to that website yesterday. So maybe your dns isn't up to snuff?

@maloki @aral @pourrito I try to register on and I can buy it. I typed it ok, isn't?

@maloki @pourrito @aral ahaaaah 😂 If they start like that, it will never succeed.

@aral @pourrito This is a place where I can see a Mastodon trademark being put to good (and ironic) use.

@aral @pourrito

"Auto-block any instance that buys into this crap"

Does that mean the admin for this instance could block any instance that allows advertising?

Yes, please!

Who would choose to be part of an instance that allows this?

@aral @pourrito
Odd. They use – spelling advertising with an "s" – as their web address, but spell it with a "z" in email. seems to still be available.

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