Updated the examples on Set—my unobtrusive JavaScript templating engine—to display the public timeline from my own Mastodon instance using the new unauthenticated public timeline API (thanks @Gargron)

Rendered: ind.ie/labs/set/posts
Template: ind.ie/labs/set/posts.html
Route: source.ind.ie/project/set/blob

Set: ind.ie/set mastodon.ar.al/media/UG0dM6Rbb mastodon.ar.al/media/q3YEFzh_u

@aral I love it bro!

I may use it on my website! Thank you for sharing it!

Aral Balkan @aral

@ekaitz_zarraga You’re welcome, man :) Happy to hear it!

@aral Did you have a chance to test if my changes worked?

It was just a bunch of style cleaning, it should work.