Aral Balkan

Finally updated my instance to 2.0

PS. Doesn’t the info page read so much better with “person” instead of “user?“ I just changed it in the screenshot, not the code, but here’s hoping we make that change. Much more human, don’t you think?


@aral using "person" rather than "user" may make more sense for systems like this. I'm not really sure about the origin of the term "user", but I expect it's deliberately more generic than "person" because sometimes users can be other software.


It's more human, but also more misleading. A user can be a bot, or a secondary account, so the number of users might not match the number of people. It's a trade-off: do we prefer sounding better or being more accurate?

@tsild I’d rather we optimised for humans, not bots :)

@aral The profile editing pages looks definitely better. By the way, could you point me in the right direction to start developing a bot for Mastodon? Could we have a chat about this with a developer? In order to really push mass use of Mastodon we should be able to organise groups. Otherwise it dos not provide the extra structure that we are missing in DiEM. Does the functionnality already exist? Can you follow tags? Thanks

@aral wouldn't this be more exclusive to aliens, animals, cyborgs, robots or any other non-human? ;)

@wolfi Not really, “people” can include all of those groups if we decide to consider and treat them with respect and as equals :)

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