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Non Breaking Space Show: Certain Unalienable Cyborg Rights

Had a lovely, casual late-night chat about technology, surveillance, human rights, and democracy last Friday with Christopher and Simon.

The video podcast is now out.

Watch it at:

@aral A lot of very interesting perspectives! Thanks for sharing. Do you have any opinion on the rights we have/should have as visitors to a home or business with an Echo or something similar installed? One thing is what we chose for ourselves (informed or otherwise,) but do we have the right to chose this for others?

@harald Thanks. And good question. The decision to use these products is like the decision to smoke. As you mention in your question, it affects others also. It’s like secondhand smoke. So, it’s entirely understandable that there could be regulations to limit secondhand exposure. Even before that, though, you are entirely within your rights to express your displeasure. Making these products/services socially unacceptable is an important step.

@aral Thanks. I agree we need to make it  socially unacceptable. May be a long joyrney though, as for now it seems skepticism towards the surveillance capitalism is what's socially unacceptable.
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