Aral Balkan @aral

Just moved to Netlify (

Seamless process, comes with CDN and Let’s Encrypt TLS support baked in, free for personal projects (commercial or otherwise), and has a viable business model based on charging larger teams and businesses.


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@aral is netlify only for static sites/resources?

@aral Looks like another Amazon AWS provider too me.


A savvy dev friend just ran his site through their speed checker...

> And for a laugh, I just ran my site through their speed checker and scored 0/100. Of course, my site would have been waaaaaaaay faster if it was running on Netlify ;-)

>(for comparison, I get a PageSpeed score of 97% and YSlow = 89%. I know about the other stuff I need to do, just haven’t got round to doing it).

This makes me wonder about, at the very least, their speed checker.

@wion @aral They just moved nextdoor in our office building. I was wondering what they were up to.