Well, that’s that, then.

Criticism: ar.al/notes/farewell-not-goodb

Reply: share.riseup.net/#5CFL_FUCWVrY

Might as well have pissed my words up a wall. What a waste of time. Right, let’s move on.


@aral I agree with their point about demonizing Russia, and all the Russia paranoia within the last year has been irritating. It's like Red Scare 3.0, but without the reds. imho statements from Zuckerberg and some very sketchy agencies doesn't amount to any kind of proof of electoral interference.

@bob Yep, but @aral 's note didn't mention Russia even once.

@Tryphon @bob I mentioned Moscow in passing when speaking about WikiLeaks (“what happens if DiEM gets into political power? Does Wikileaks become its own little NSA? Via proxy of Moscow perhaps?”). It is very telling which areas were focussed on and which were ignored. Anyway, new year, new projects. Time to move on :)

@aral @tryphon I notice that the EU has some sort of next generation internet research project about to start and run over the next few years. It mentions decentralization and "internet of people" type stuff. Maybe that might be worth investigating.

@bob @Tryphon Met the people leading that project in Rome this year. Was initially excited about it based on the stated goals you mentioned also (and puzzled that it was coming from the European Commission). After seeing their first report, I’m far less enthused.

Our focus this year with Ind.ie will be on building things and working with the City of Ghent to explore ways of deploying a decentralised system starting at the city level.

@aral @bob I have some experience with that kind of EC research projects and they usually favor the kind of companies who don't want a free and open internet. Maybe academia will get something out of it? But I wish the EC would just give no-string-attached grants to open source projects or individual with a track record in the field.

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