Any ideas why Mastodon’s POST on my ActivityPub server’s Inbox endpoint would have an empty object for the body when I’m expecting a Follow activity ActivityStream object? (Node.js/Express)

(I’m probably doing something silly.)

@aral Mhh Mastodon would never send an empty object... Got any logs?

@Gargron Don’t worry about it, Eugen. I’ll debut further tomorrow and maybe bother you if I’m at the end of my tether :) (Thanks for asking, appreciate it.) :)

@Gargron Figured it out – it was a content-type issue: the JSON body parser in Express (Node) parses only 'application/json' by default. You have to specifically set it to also parse 'application/activity+json'. I had incorrectly assumed (never assume, etc.) that the default would be a wildcard on *json.

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