Mark Zuckerberg’s 2018 resolution: like expecting a king to abolish the monarchy…

You can watch the recorded version of the @AJEnglish segment on Mark’s 2018 resolution to “fix Facebook” with,, and yours truly.

Starts ~

(Live video, you’ll have to scrub to find the exact place.)


@aral It's almost as if he's starting to admit to himself that this is actually an awesomely complex social problem but he doesn't want to freak anyone out. So he just makes it sound like some kind of binary broke/fixed technical issue that you can patch up with some unit tests, a new button and a few well placed "if" statements.

@aral hey! is there a recording of this video still up somewhere?
P.S.: Sorry about the whole DiEM25 thing. I was out of the movement for a couple of months for a few reasons and just found out about all this the last few weeks... Keep up the good work!!

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