404 → 302

A simple gesture for an evergreen Web.

What if links never died? What if we never broke the Web? What if it didn’t involve any extra work?

It’s possible. And easy.

Just make your 404s into 302s.

Thoughts, suggestions, and contributions welcome:



PS. Looks like archive.org tried to index the missing page and so the final 404 now forwards to Yahoo Domains! 🤦

(I’m currently downloading a local copy of my old Geocities page so I can serve – and back it up – myself and I’ll update the link in the example once that’s ready. Also flying to Belgium today to kickstart a very exciting project that we’re collaborating on with the City of Ghent so apologies if it’s not fixed immediately.)


Right, now serving a downloaded copy of my Geocities site instead of hitting @internetarchive directly so the examples on 4042302.org should all work perfectly now.

Also: testament to how quickly you can set up a different version of your site with this technique :)

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