I’ll be in Ghent all week. If there are any local ActivityPub, Node.js/JS, federation/decentralisation (not blockchain)-loving developers around, please do make yourselves known. Would be great to meet you.

@aral would you happen to pass by in Brussels? Decentralization is quite a subject I'm working on :p

@bram Only on our way back to the airport, I’m afraid. But I’m sure I’ll be back. Would be great to meet :)

@aral I'm doing serigraphy with @piks3l right now and he seems motivate that we move this week to Gent to see you (and maybe some friend), when would that be good for you :) ?

@bram @piks3l That would be lovely. We’re organising an informal social event/drinks on Thursday evening/after work. Would that fit your schedule? Looking forward to meeting you both, I hope :)

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