I spoke with The Guardian for a podcast recently and it’s now live: Digital dystopia: tech slavery and the death of privacy.

“Is the internet broken? And has the utopian 90s net been replaced by digital feudalism, where a few powerful entities wield control over all of us digital serfs? … To kick off, we explore whether our privacy has been compromised by the tech giants whose business models depend on harvesting and monetising our data.“

@aral If Kevin Kelly doesn't own data then does he own the books he's written? What about the Wired articles? Does he own his blog? Does he own his birth certificate or passport, if it's all just data? It strikes me as being odd to claim that nobody can or should own data.

@bob He’s the founding editor of Wired – which is basically a PR rag for Silicon Valley – he’s acting entirely on form. Wired is a cornerstone of

@aral I've read some of his articles in the past, and I agree about Wired although recently it had one article which was quite critical of Silicon Valley.
@aral Also when people try to characterize the future of technology as "inevitable" usually they're trying to sell some kind of snakeoil or a bridge somewhere.


Good article, except letting politics police the internet is a horrible idea until we fix our completely bonkers political and economic system as well.

@christobal @aral I don't think we need to wait for the political system to fix the internet. We are the political system.

I like the way your thinking sir! I was referring to the article washington/europe! But of course, all the power to all the people!

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