So Decent is pretty fucking amazing!

Check it out on:

(An in-browser social network based on Scuttlebot and Minbase with seamless on-boarding. Seriously easier to get started with than a centralised social network like Facebook. Very, very impressed!)

PS. I’m @aral on there.

@Stoori Unrelated. It’s based on Dominick Tarr’s Secure Scuttlebutt database and Scuttlebot library.

@aral I'm @how on #Decent. I don't like WebSuckettes, but I agree the ease of adoption is near complete. A couple of buttons and LocalStorage would make it easy as pie.

@how Just followed you back there. I do have my concerns about the social aspects of an append-only log (e.g., no deletes, ever) but also not sure how you would handle replication otherwise in such a system…

@aral heh. Nothing is perfect. But the entry point is as low as loading a Web page, there is progress :)

@aral Wow!, pubkeyhashes work better here than with Tox! You don't have to copy & paste them around.

@Jubes @aral I'm figuring this is not for production use but just for testing.

@Gargron @Jubes Sorry, hadn’t noticed that instance wasn’t running over TLS.

@gargron @Jubes @aral Thanks for pointing this out.

It seems the SSB stack will secure your private messages client-side, and the Merkle tree ensures your public messages aren't tampered with in-flight, so there's that. Eve with WireShark can presumably still read the public messages you're writing/reading, and your private messages' ciphertext.

See which recommends running Decent server locally & reverse-proxying. Much like Mastodon Fediverse, but with SSB.

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